17th August 2017

How to Order

Your Photos Onto Canvas

1-Hour Service

Pop into one of our shopping centre branches to take advantage of our on-site 1 Hour service.

We accept all forms of digital media as well as printed photographs.  We also take images from phones and tablets via Bluetooth but also have cables for most devices if needed.

We recommend you supply us with the original image on the device it was taken on.  Transferring images between devices can often reduce the image quality and may make your picture unsuitable for printing from.

Online Service

You can either use our Upload Your Images service or email your images through to us with a description of your requirements.  We will respond as soon as we can with a preview of how your finished artwork will look and advise of any changes needed.  We only take payment once you are happy with your preview and we are ready to go to print.

We can either have your order ready for you to collect at your nearest branch or we can mail it out to you.


Image quality

Image quality is quite a complicated thing.  There are many defining factors that determine an images quality.  We generally ask for the original image from the device it was taken on. This gives us the best quality image to work from, ensuring that you get the best print quality.  Any editing in phone or tablet apps, or transfering between devices can drastically reduce the quality of an image.  Downloading images from social media websites also has the same effect as they rarely store the full sized image for you and will reduce them in quality as soon as you upload them.

We recommend that any image you submit to us be at least 1000 pixels along the shortest length and be at least 500kb in size although we can print from smaller images but you need to be aware that print quality may not be optimal.


There are no limits to what size we can enlarge a picture to.

Any picture can be enlarged to any size but the quality of the enlargement will depend on the quality of the original image.

When enlarged, a low quality, digital image will pixelate and highight any compression within the file. We do have certain filters that can help to hide this but it is best we start with a high quality original.  When we enlarge a hard copy photograph, we scan it at a very high resolution to minimize any pixelation.

Designed By Canvas Hut

You can browse our designed by range by visiting the shop.

To purchase, use the “Add to cart” button and complete the checkout using our secure Paypal system and we will post it to you. Alternatively, you can make note of the design name and visit a branch to purchase.

Many of the designs are ready to take away at our branches, however, we can make them to order within an hour.


We accept all major credit/debit cards as well as cash at our branches. We also accept Paypal for online services.



We offer a fast and reliable trade printing service.  Please visit our trade section or enquire by email for more information.