5th January 2018

Keyrings, Magnets & Coasters

Personalised keyrings and magnets available in a range of sizes.  Keyrings are double sided and can include a single duplicated picture or a different picture for each side.  Magnets are single sided. Keyrings and magnets are available to order and take away at all of our branches or can be posted out to you for free!

Print size
in cm
Price Upload your image
Small Keyring 5 x 3.5 £4.99
SPECIAL OFFER 2x Small Keyrings 5 x 3.5 £8
Large Keyring 7 x 4.5 £5.99
SPECIAL OFFER 2x Large Keyrings 7 x 4.5 £10
Magnet 7 x 4.5 £5.59
SPECIAL OFFER 2x Magnets 7 x 4.5 £9
Coaster 8 x 8 £6.99
SPECIAL OFFER 4x Coasters 8 x 8 £18
Order at any of our branches or available to order online.


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